Scoliosis/Spine Surgery

Misalignment or injury to your spine must be treated strategically, and decisively.  Not all back pain requires surgery.  Therefore, a quality, and responsible assessment is critical in determining the proper course of action. Contact our office for an appointment if your condition is such that your primary physician requires an orthopaedic opinion.

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Restore your ability and mobility, with proper orthopaedic care.

One's mobility dictates one's ability.  When surgery is the option, get all the facts. Today's advances in technology can provide outstanding recoveries, compared to those long ago.  A quality consultation should be at the center of your wellness, when your discomfort impairs your daily activities, it's time to seek a solution.  Call us to set an appointment, we're here to help.

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Pinpoint the source, and consider your options.

In orthopaedic surgery, there should be no doubt of where, how, and when to intervene. The main factor, rests on "Who" will be performing your procedure.  Your trust in Dr. Javech's ability, and willingness to follow his guidance, can yield optimal results, and set you on a path to lasting improvement.

Dr. Javech, is passionate about his precision past the incision, and thrives on results through your recovery.

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Since 1993

Our Mission

Dr. Nestor J. Javech, entered the field of orthopaedic surgery, to make a difference in people's ability to enjoy the fruits of their mobility.  His comprehensive approach to uncovering the best option when treating his patients, is fueled by his passion to correct and improve outcomes to the highest degree.  Dr. Javech is committed to providing his patients with a detailed understanding of the procedure or therapy with the best outcome, for lasting results. His passion for precision drives his craft, past his decades of experience.


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